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Our Team


Kanica Kharbanda


Kanica is a Child Psychologist with interests in play, language and social communication. She works with toddlers from age 2 to young adolescents and parents too.

She has extensively worked with children with developmental delay, language and speech delays, children on spectrum etc. She empowers every child to become an active agent of change in their own lives, more expressive and comfortable in their own being. The principle she works on is accepting myself as I am and Joy of being me.


Meenakshi Coriya


Meenakshi realised her childhood dream of making a difference in the world by working with children. After completing her Bachelor’s in Occupational Therapy she did her internship at Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

She started her career as a professional at an NGO (Delhi Council for Child Welfare) with children facing physical and cognitive challenges. Then,She worked at 'Potentials Therapy Centre' and began training in our unique intervention methodology. She got an opportunity to get training and guidance under Dr. Amrapali Leahri (Gold Medalist, Senior Occupational Therapist).

After gaining 4 and a half years of working experience with special children, she is here at 'My Whole Child' to bring light into lives of many more children and families.


Rinku Paik


Rinku Paik, a Special Educator, has vast and varied experience to deal with all kind of Learning Disabilities, ADHD, ADD, ASD and Slow learners. She has worked with various NGOs and Therapy centers and has imparted the essentials of Special Education through various Workshops.

She is well versed with National and International practices in the field of Special Education and has always been trying to implant new strategies to help the students.


Dania Qamar


Dania Qamar has her Master degree in Occupational Therapy (MOT) in Pediatrics, from HIMSR (Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi. She has an experience to work with paediatric population and has been treating kids with Autism, ADHD, Developmental Delays, Stroke, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Handwriting Difficulties. She has done a detailed case study on Austism Spectrum Disorder and a research work on “Assessing the Accessibilty in Schools and Facilitating a Barrier Free Enviorment”.

She has an year of experience with  ACE (Autism Centre for Excellence, The Heritage School, Gurgaon) where she has been actively providing Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy, Neuro-Development Treatment and ABA Based Behavior Modification Therapy under the guidance of Manish Samnani (Certified SI and NDT Therapist). She is a hard working, determined and well motivated individual who is flexible and develops good professional and supportive relationships with children, their families and carers.