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Primary School

Where Did My Baby Go?

Preschooling is the time when you prepare your kid for schooling and overall education system. Every child is special for parents and has his own pace and style. There is no comparison between two kids, but some milestones helps parents understand the growth.

Play activities are essential to healthy development for children and adolescents. Research shows it influences the development of fine and gross motor skills, language, socialization, personal awareness, emotional well-being, creativity, problem solving and learning ability

Children feel special when parents spend time to play with them. Playtime should include one to one with each child and group time with all of the adults and kids in the home. Try pretend play i.e. let the child develop the theme. Encourage imagination and creativity. Ask questions and play along for example pretend to be pirates on a ship or princess in dragon world.

Growth is a continuous but subtle process in the child's physical development. The developments in growth (height and weight) are sometimes noticeable only after taking measurements and recording the details and comparing over a length of time.

First time parents of toddlers and preschoolers may often neglect this development aspect in young children due to simply no knowledge about or negligence due to preoccupation with professional or personal lives. MyWholeChild Preschool Centre will help you as your toddler makes the transition to kindergarten and beyond.