An Integrative Child development centre for special needs- My Whole Child
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Customized Therapies based on our analysis in accordance with kids requirements.

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My Whole Child provides workshops for professionals working with children, teachers, and parents.

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Tips and advices for your little ones’ growth in the field of health care.

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About My Whole Child

Our multidisciplinary team is committed to meeting the needs of children with developmental, emotional and academic concerns. We provide appropriate services/therapies in an integrated manner with enhanced care coordination. This Centre has been developed under the guidance of pediatric and mental health faculty from the USA and India to provide a platform to maximize the child's potential and unique strengths.

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Free Developmental Screening


Web based developmental screening

CHADIS is a web-based screening, diagnostic and management system that administers and analyzes pre-visit, online questionnaires completed by parents, teens or teachers and provides Clinicians with instant access to valuable clinical data and resources. Through its process, CHADIS improves the diagnosis and management of health, emotional and behavioral issues, helping Clinicians address parents' concerns about their child's development while streamlining other routines of Pediatric care.



My Child is very happy coming to My Whole Child. Over a period of nearly one and half years, I see a lot of changes in him. He is more social now, plays and interacts with his peers, understands the rules of playing games, has a better control of his body movements and most importantly he is talking about his basic needs.
Thanks a lot to the entire team of ‘My Whole Child’

My Child always had socializing problems with other kids and used to run away if they were around, now she accepts them and wants to play with them, same goes for any guest in the house.
Her language has improved, she is forming words, plays with toys calling them names like ‘chota baby’, ‘gudiya’, ‘doremon’. Concerning her eating habits, she has started taking textures like mango pieces, chips, bread, biscuits, which earlier was impossible.
She is more involved in plays and activities at home as compared to earlier times when she was stuck on phone or T.V
Thank You MWC Team for all the efforts

An angel named Akanksha,I met Akansha for the therapy for my 4 year old daughter who was born prematurely and was not talking at the age of 4. My experience with Akansha was exceptionally good, not only she comforted my little daughter who was not ready to leave me and talk to anyone but she patiently listened to me and answered all my question each and every time, even if they were repetitive in nature.
She helped me to understand how I can help my daughter. She is an excellent therapist who knows her job very well ànd also a great human being.
In few weeks time my little one started speaking and socializing too and it started reflecting in her behaviour at school and home. All credits to Akansha who patiently dealt with her. I am glad my little one met her.She still talks about Akansha didi a lot.

To Dear Jane,Thank You for being there and handling me with utmost care, love, and humility.
Love you back for being my guide and helping me through this phase and loving me unconditionally
Yours lovingly.

To Dr Naveen,Thank You my friend for handling me and my mum patiently, for bearing with us (my nail’s scratches)We love you for the special care and love we got from you and overwhelming love you had for us.Keep smiling, Keep Singing, Loads of Love”

To my dear Kathleen,Thank you for being my another mother. My Godmother, We can never forget what you did for us. Love you our angel. God Bless you with all the love luck and happiness. Can’t love you more for going out of the way to make me smile. Hugs to Grace and Regards to the whole family.
Truck loads of love

To be very honest, I came with an anxious heart, a fearful mind and a very negative and depressed sort of a person, but I am going back as a confident mother, feeling all regenerated. I hope we take every positive vibe from the team and get back there and conquer the world.”

Listen to our parents speaking their hearts out after the Retreat 2017