Whether its raising a responsible child, working on fitness, or going to therapy, consistency is the key

In my 3 years of experience, what I have seen makes a difference to the parents of children with special needs when they come for any kind of therapy is RESULTS. I have always found it difficult to explain them, that they need to be regular for me to assure an expected change. It is like an a antibiotic dose, if you miss it one day, either it takes time for you to recover, or you don’t get better.

Being a therapist, it is very easy for me to state this, but yes, I do understand it is not easy for parents especially those who are working to give such big commitments when they have a pile of other responsibilities lined up. Be it, picking up another child from school, reporting your work place, distance to therapy centre, etc.

But undoubtedly it is magical for those parents who manage to turn up for therapies. It is all about giving that special time the child needs in a special way, and their you see the and difference that gives confidence in you, helps you stand for your child positively and help your child grow.

As very rightly said, “There is no abiding success without commitment (Tony Robins)”

Dania Qamar
(Occupational Therapist)

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