Group Sessions - My Whole Child

Therapeutic Playgroups are a great way for children to practice the art of getting along with others and trying new ways to play. Playgroups are great fun. Children will have the opportunity to sing, dance, do crafts and play with other children.

Involvement from therapists as initiators, directors, and partners in play serves to scaffold young children’s abilities so that play structured by an adult is more sustained and sophisticated than the child would be able to achieve alone or with peers.

Therapeutic Playgroup offers free play where children have choices in painting, use sand or water play, outside play, practice new skills and experiences, learning to play with others, meeting new friends, experiencing books, learning to share, problem solve and take turns, socialize; so important as it builds their self-confidence, preparation for school, more independence from parents, a little more structure to play, improvement in learning and social development of children who need help

Some groups we offer: :-
🙂 Making Friends
🙂 Having a Conversation
🙂 Playing a game with friends
🙂 Greeting friends and older people
🙂 Party games like newspaper dance, musical chairs etc
🙂 Social etiquettes in different contexts like while eating on the table, while eating in a group, in a classroom, in a birthday party etc
🙂 Ideal waiting while sitting in a waiting area, waiting for the next teacher to come in, waiting in cue while playing on swings, before paying the bill for his/her happy meal in Mc Donalds
🙂 Packing my school bag or organizing my things in my cupboard