Occupational Therapy - My Whole Child

Occupational Therapy focuses on helping individuals achieve independence in all areas of their lives. A child’s main occupation is the ability to play and learn, perform in school, and interact with people and objects at a developmentally appropriate level. OT can help kids enhance performance in the following areas; Cognitive (attention, orientation, memory), Motor skills (Gross, Fine Motor, Visuo-motor), Sensorimotor skills (Sensory awareness/processing and perceptual skills), Oro-motor and Self Care skills along with enhancing their self esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Occupational Therapy uses assistive, adaptive and compensatory strategies with the goal to enhance development and improve participation in daily activities along with a home based program.

At MWC, we work hand-in-hand with an expert Pediatrician, Child Psychologist, Special Educator and a Language and speech therapist to analyze the strengths and limitations and then plan the intervention.

Sensory integration
Sensory Integration Therapy is designed to help kids with sensory processing issues. This type of therapy aims to adjust the way children respond to physical sensations. Sensory integration therapy is based on the idea that some kids experience “sensory overload” and are oversensitive to certain types of stimulation. Meanwhile, other children are under-sensitive to some kinds of stimulation, they may seem disconnected from their environment. In either case, children with sensory integration issues struggle to organize, understand and respond to the information they take in from their surroundings.

Sensory integration therapy is designed primarily for children with sensory processing issues. This may include children who have ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and dyspraxia. It might also be used with young children who show signs of developmental delays.