Psychotherapy And Parental Counseling - My Whole Child

Psychotherapy refers to a range of treatments that can help with emotional and behavioral concerns.  It aims to enable children to understand their feelings, and what makes them feel positive, anxious, or depressed. This can equip them to cope with difficult situations in a more adaptive way.

Parenting Work
Parenting can be stressful and emotionally challenging. It’s a significant life change that is difficult to prepare for. Many of us adopt parenting techniques from our

parents and our past experiences. Sometimes, though, our parenting models aren’t always healthy, or we simply are overwhelmed with our new responsibility and life shift along with the emotions that come with it.  Parenting sessions can help to become mindful of one’s experiences, insecurities, and anxieties around parenting. It can create new perspectives and positive resolutions for everyday parenting problems and situations.