Special Education and Remedial Services - My Whole Child

Special Education is a specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of a child with learning/academic concerns. Special Education programs and services adapt content, teaching methodology and delivery instruction to meet the appropriate needs of the child.

🙂 Early Childhood Special Educational Programs (3-5years)
🙂 Childhood Special Education ( Kindergarten to Grade 6)
🙂 Secondary Special Education ( 7th grade- 10th grade)
🙂 Remedial Intervention ( Kindergarten- 10th grade)

Special Skill Enrichment Programs :-
🙂 Handwriting skills
🙂 Creative Writing and Expression Skills
🙂 Attention Skills
🙂 Listening and Memory Skill

Remedial Intervention (KINDER GRADEN – GRADE 10)
Remedial education is for students who have average or higher Intellectual abilities but are not performing well in school because they are struggling in areas like Reading, Writing, Language, Social science, Science or Mathematics.  The Remedial instruction targets the foundational skills the child needs to master.