Training- Playful Learning That Boost The Child Potential


Teacher Training Program

Towards its mission to support children with special needs and their families who are underserved, My Whole Child Trust organized a teachers training program at the Nirmal Sewa School, Gurudwara Nanaksar, GK - 2 to educate the teachers about normal child development and identify children with special needs in a classroom setting.

Therapeutic Family Retreat 2018

The Retreat was grand four day adventure filled with lots of learning, fun & bonding; where children, families and therapists joined each other hand in hand, shared their experiences and took away lovely memories. It was a pleasure to see the immense talent hidden our special kids :) The Days included a lot of therapeutic pool activities, group activities, individual consultations and evening entertainment evenings for children to showcase their talents like singing, dancing, puppet show and expressive arts. We look forward to have these keen families join us again the next year and thank our experts Jane Styer-Acevedo (PT), Kathleen Miller - Skomorucha (OT), Therese McDermott-Winter (SLP) and Dr. Naveen Mehrotra (Developmental Pediatrician) to make the event such a great success and Hemie Gupta (Director, MWC) to organise the event !

NDT- Workshop

My Whole Child was delighted to have Jane Styer, PT, DPT, C/ NDT at our centre in GK2, New Delhi. Jane is a senior Adjunct Faculty at Arcadia University teaching the Physiotherapy Department and has been teaching continuing education workshops, nationally and internationally in Asia, Europe, India and North, Central and South America since 1983. During her visit from 15th to 22nd February 2017, she conducted a Workshop "Introduction to Neuro Development Treatment" on the 16th and 17th February. The other days she dedicated to offer consultations to the children of the centre and train the Occupational Therapists of MWC with her expert strategies for each child. She also consulted children with neurological challenges and their families who came from different parts of India to visit Jane.

Holy Family Awareness Program

The workshop held at Holy Family Hospital with Madhumati Bose, Early Intervention Specialist was conducted to introduce Early Intervention for high risk infants admitted in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). The aim of the workshop was to discuss best practices in handling pain, feeding & oro-motor concerns, visual difficulties, cognitive & motor delays and postural difficulties. It was attended by the pediatricians, nurses of the hospital as well as the MWC team.

Therapeutic Family Retreat 2017

The First Ever Therapeutic Family Retreat was a grand 4 day adventure at the Treehouse Hotel Club & SPA, Bhiwadi organised between 2nd to 5th November 2017 by Hemie Gupta, Managing Director, My Whole Child. It had an expert faculty from USA: Jane Styer - Acevedo (PT, DPT, C/NDT), Kathleen Miller Skomorucha (OTR/L, C/NDT) and Dr Naveen Mehrotra (Developmental Paediatrician) who provided therapeutic and educational activities in a beautiful setting in both group and individual sessions tailored to the children and their families.
Days had planned activities that were entertaining, therapeutic, educational, fun, and brought the siblings and families closer together! It was a holistic approach that impacted the lives in a new and different way ensuring that the retreat was both a therapeutic and an enjoyable time.

NCDP 2017

Next to excellence, comes the appreciation of it" The 14th National Conference of Developmental Pediatrics was organized by IAP Chapter of Neuro-Developmental Pediatrics and IAP Delhi in the capital city of New Delhi.The purpose of the conference was not just creating better awareness and knowledge about the developmental challenges in pediatrics but also to create a platform to target them through an interdisciplinary approach involving different specialities with the ultimate goal of overcoming challenges and building strengths.It had various experts of different fields from all over the country. Dr. Naveen Mehrotra, Medical Director, My Whole Child was awarded with the first prize in Poster Presentation. The Poster was titled as “Parental Stress in Raising a Child with Disabilities in India"

The Body Speaks

Learning to use the body as a medium to further the holistic growth of children with extra needs
Our dance/movement therapist, Akanksha Mishra facilitated a workshop with the staff of Khushbu Special School at My Whole Child. The workshop focused on body-based techniques to further communication, attention/concentration, socialization and body awareness in children and adolescents coping with varying needs. The 2- hour experiential session consisted of a number of activities for service providers to understand the role played by the body for communication. It included case discussions along with a discussion of ways to adapt the various movement activities for differently abled bodies.

Postural Control, Alignment and Movement: Critical Components for Speech and Feeding Funciton (NDT Approach)

Workshop titled “Postural Control, Alignment and Movement: Critical Components for Feeding and Speech Function (NDT Approach)” was organised between the 25 th May 2018 to 27 th May 2018 by Jane Styer Acevedo, PT, DPT, C/NDT, Pediatric NDT Coordinator Instructor and Therese McDermott – Winter MHS, CCC-SLP, C/NDT Participants joined in from various parts of the globe, including Qatar, Bhubneswar, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Ahmedabad and Bhopal. The Workshop was filled with lectures and demonstrations, Movement Lab where the professionals had an opportunity to experience principles related to the theory themselves. Participants had an opportunity to understand the basis of Neuro Development Approach and how it can help in optimizing skills such as feeding and speech in individuals with neuromotor difficulties.

The Use of Therapeutic Aquatics for Functional Goals Through Life Span

My Whole Child organised a course on Therapeutic Aquatics for the very first time in India and was obliged to have the Master herself, Jane Styer – Acevedo, PT, DPT, C/NDT all the way from United States to conduct the 3 day Course titled “The Use of Therapeutic Aquatics for Functional Gains Through The Life Span” from 31 st May to 2 nd June 2018 at Treehouse Hotel Club & SPA, Bhiwadi. The course was intended for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists and assistants who work or desire to work in the aquatic environment towards functional changes in clients with neurological changes through their life span.

Behavioral Challenges in Children of Special needs

My Whole Child, Centre for special needs took an initiative to organize a get together of parents and caregivers of children with special needs in order to address the common parenting challenges faced on a daily basis. Parents came up with struggles they face in managing behaviors and tantrums of children. The open house workshop empowered and gave way to a support group system ensuring that special needs families stay connected. Parents stated that “The interaction was very helpful and will surely help us benefit our children”.