Early Intervention Program - My Whole Child

Training Ground For Little Ones

Growth in the field of health care has led to early identification of children who are “at risk” or diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, presenting social and communication difficulties. After a diagnosis, early intervention becomes a logical next step for families. Surely early childhood provides an important window of opportunity to prepare the foundation for lifelong learning and participation. If effective help is given right at the start, it has a positive “multiplier” effect as the child grows up.

My Whole Child is equipped of handling children from birth to grown-ups of 21 yrs of age.

However, Early Invention Program takes in children from 1.5 to 5 yrs of age with developmental delays, language delays, delayed social and play behaviour and attention issues.

Timings : 10.00 am to 1.15 pm

Integrated Setup :-

A team of Psychologist, Language Therapist, Occupational therapist, special educator, speech therapists will work with your child giving him one-on-one attention and in group as soon as children are ready for group therapy. The sessions offered as a part of EIC package are :

🙂 Play, Language and Social Communication session: Bringing our child to life.
🙂 Occupational Therapy: Promoting quality of life , independence, autonomy and safety.
🙂 Eating time: targeting oro-motor issues, feeding eating and swallowing.
🙂 Special education : Targeting concepts and building vocabulary etc.
🙂 Speech therapy
🙂 Play groups targeting play skills, togetherness (with respect to each child’s individual skills)

From ME to WE
WOW!! It sounds so exciting
I will make friends.
We will play together.
We will study and work together.
We will exercise together.
We will laugh and cry together.
We will learn things together.
We will eat together.
We will have fun together.
Looking forward for some play, some learning  and some fun with children.